The Speedier Projects

It started with a problem, and a conversation about the lack of capacity that was hindering the Town’s economic growth, a conversation that included the Town’s vision of a Net Zero community.

Because of Lakeland’s extensive network of contacts, the right people came together to envision a solution – how Parry Sound could generate more of their own power.

EV Chargers

Project SPEEDIER has installed EV chargers at the following locations throughout Parry Sound.


10 Powerwalls have been installed in different locations within the town of Parry Sound.

Hot Water Tanks

Project SPEEDIER is implementing 50 Mello devices to further optimize the consumption in the Town of Parry Sound.


Utility-Scale Energy Storage located next to the Solar PV system.

The Microgrid

The microgrid is a self-sufficient energy system that serves a distinct area of Parry Sound.


Located at 57 MacFarlane St., Parry Sound, the PV system is the unique generation component of the SPEEDIER project.

Be a part of a net-zero future.

A Project of

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