The Process: How it started

The SPEEDIER team worked with Georgian College’s Research and Innovation Department to develop the framework and reporting of GHG reductions. Scott McCrindle, the primary contact for this project, authored a paper on the process.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Project Accounting

This is the primary framework that the team used to build out our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Information System (GHGIS) to account for and report on the GHG emission reductions made possible by the SPEEDIER project.

Guidelines for Grid-Connected Electricity Projects

This is the secondary, more focused part of the above framework that the team used for additional guidance when building out the GHGIS.

Greenhouse gases — Part 2: Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements

This is an internationally-recognized standard that lays out requirements and conventions to be used when accounting for and reporting on GHG mitigation projects, which also was used to inform our methodologies.

McCrindle, S. (April 25, 2021). Greenhouse gas accounting for distributed energy resources: The SPEEDIER project in Parry Sound, Ontario

This is the actual research paper detailing the entire process of implementing the GHG Protocol frameworks above (and the ISO standard to some degree), in a case-study format. This paper is very valuable for other actors in the electrical sector as it offers a real-world example of an attempt to use these frameworks to capture the GHG mitigation effects of a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system installation.

Scott McCrindle – Researcher Profile

Professional bio page for Scott McCrindle at Georgian College’s Research and Innovation department.

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